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Office of Environmental Design

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707 North Calvert Street, C-303
Baltimore, MD 21202

Sonal Sanghavi, Director
Phone: 410-545-8640
Toll Free: 1-800-446-5962 

Sandy Hertz, Deputy Director
Phone: 410-545-8609

The Office of Environmental Design’s (OED) mission is to incorporate environmental design, compliance, and stewardship as a fundamental and integral component of highway planning, design, construction and maintenance.

The Office of Environmental Design is comprised of the following four Divisions:



Environmental Compliance Division

Greg Keenan, Chief
Phone: 410-582-5585 

Tara Ryan, Assistant Chief
Phone: 410-582-5502

  • Responsible for ensuring that all SHA facilities and operations achieve and maintain multi-media environmental compliance with State, Federal, and Local environmental permits, laws, regulations, and Best Management Practices (BMP).
  • Provides environmental compliance resources, oversight and guidance, environmental technical expertise, and environmental training programs for facility employees
  • Responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive Environmental Management System (EMS) to ensure sustained compliance in conducting highway and facility operations
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Environmental Programs Division

Todd Nichols, Chief
Phone: 410-545-8628 

Cheryl Jordon, Assistant Chief
Phone: 410-545-8614

Don Hoey, Assistant Chief

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  • Works closely with teams of planners, designers, and engineers to achieve environmentally sensitive highway, bridge, and maintenance projects by avoiding and/or minimizing impacts to sensitive natural resources.
  • Processes, negotiates, and tracks wetland and waterway permit applications/permits with Federal and State resources agencies, to ensure permit compliance through the planning, design, construction, and maintenance phases of transportation projects.
  • Responsible for the preparation of plans, specifications, and estimates for all of SHA’s compensatory wetland mitigation, and stream mitigation projects.
  • Responsible for identifying, evaluating, and delivering successful Environmental Stewardship projects to help the State improve water quality to the Bay and its tributaries.
  • Additional responsibilities include wetland delineation and functional assessment services, water quality monitoring, wetland mitigation and stream restoration monitoring, and environmental monitoring of construction projects
  • The Quality Assurance Program Inspects SHA construction projects for compliance with the approved Erosion and Sediment Control Plans,utilizing a checklist and rating system.

Landscape Architecture Division

Dan Uebersax, Chief
Phone: 410-545-8603 

Margot Bartosh, Assistant Chief
Phone: 410-545-8622

  • Designs and oversees the development of plans, specifications, and estimates incorporating context sensitive solutions for landscape architectural related projects along MD highways as support to other Offices within SHA.
  • Example projects include safety rest areas, park & rides, welcome centers, highway landscaping, streetscapes, tree and forest mitigation, Chesapeake Bay Critical Area mitigation, historic site preservation and enhancement, and aesthetic treatments for bridges, walls, and other hardscape elements.
  • Designs, advertises, and manages stand alone projects for the removal of invasive plant material, and installation of plantings for revegetation screening, and aesthetic enhancement.
  • Administers two Federal Discretionary Programs, the National Scenic Byways Program and the National Recreational Trails Program.
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Landscape Operations Division

Joseph Vervier, Chief
Phone: 410-545-8590

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  • Responsible for directing, administering, and supervising SHA’s statewide efforts in Landscape Inspection Support, Landscape Maintenance, Forest Mitigation, Tree Preservation, Turf Management, Nutrient Management, Roadside Vegetation Management, Pest Control, Pesticide Certification, and the Wildflower Program.
  • Acts in a support role with regards to compliance with MD Tree Laws, evaluation of hazardous trees, access permit reviews, excess land reviews, and field evaluation of proposed work by other agencies and utilities within the SHA right of way.
  • Administers the Partnership Planting Program, which utilizes volunteer groups for highway beautification projects along state roads.