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TRNS*PORT is licensed by AASHTO, although it was designed and is currently maintained by Info Tech, Inc. located in Gainesville, Florida. TRNS*PORT is a trade name for a series of construction management products. Maryland SHA is currently utilizing four of the available products: PES – Proposal and Estimates System; LAS – Letting and Awards System; CAS – Construction Administration System, and DSS – Decision Support System. SHA is also using Estimator, which is a software package to assist the Design Engineers, and Expedite, which assists the Contracts Award Team with inputting bid information. All construction contract phases are addressed with TRNS*PORT from the initial engineer’s estimate, through awards, contractor payments, and finally, creates a database of historical contract data for bid monitoring and vendor analysis.

Communication has been enhanced between SHA and other states, as TRNS*PORT is used nationwide. We look forward to the future where we will utilize innovative contracting methods, such as Internet / Electronic Bidding.

If your firm has never purchased an Invitation for Bids package from SHA, please download a copy of the Contractor Information Form below. Please complete this form in its entirety and return it with your request to purchase an Invitation for Bids package to:

Delores Tyree
Cashier's Office
State Highway Administration
211 E. Madison Street
Baltimore, MD 21202

Contractor Information form (PDF, 268kb)

If you have any questions, please contact Teresa VanKirk by email at tvankirk@sha.state.md.us or call 443-572-5215 or 1-866-926-8503.