Transportation and Enforcement Officials Highlight New Laws to Keep Drivers Safe and Ticket-free and Kick-off Drive Safely Work Week
Delegate James Malone, Maryland Legislature
National Highway Transportation Safety Administrator David Strickland
Colonel Terrence B. Sheridan, Superintendent MD State Police
Transportation Secretary Beverley K. Swaim-Staley
AAA Mid-Atlantic's Public and Government Affairs Manager Ragina Averella
News Conference about NEW CELL PHONE LAW and the dangers of distracted driving. Learn about the fines and points for hand-held phone use and texting.
Officials will unveil a new highway sign that will alert all drivers to laws.
AAA will release teen-produced public service announcement about safe driving.
WHEN: Tuesday, September 28 at Noon
WHY: More than 380 people died from distracted driving crashes in Maryland in the last five years in an average of 31,000 collisions. These tragedies can be prevented.  Violators trying to hold a phone, talk or text and drive will be ticketed, facing points on their licenses and fines up to $100.  News briefing offers one-stop for interviews with enforcement officers, law makers, drivers and safety advocates. 
VISUALS:New highway sign; digital message sign with law message; TV PSA
WHERE: Northbound I-95 Welcome Center
Northbound I-95 Center is approximately one mile south of MD 32 Savage, Maryland  20763
(From Baltimore) – Take I-95 southbound to MD 216.  Use the interchange ramps to return to I-95 traveling northbound.  The rest area will be on your right.    
(From Washington D.C.) – Take I-95 northbound to north of MD 216.  The rest area will be on your right.
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